This is the bit no-one really likes to talk about. I have tried to keep things simple with 4 packages. Hopefully these cover your needs, however if you want something that's not listed, please let me know and we can discuss it.

Please read the FAQs at the bottom of this page, they expand on the table below.




 "What group shots are covered?"

All my packages include some group shots. I understand how important it can be to have group shots of families and other friends. I usually limit to around six which includes Bride and Groom plus - Bridesmaids - Groom's Parents - Bride's Parents - Everyone + other few requested. The reason I limit these is they impact on the flow of your wedding day, whilst we are spending possibly upwards of an hour on your group shots, you get less of the candid shots which you booked me to capture.

"How many photographs should I expect?"

Obviously the more time I'm with you on your special day the more photos will be provided. I aim for the half and full day coverage to provide between 100 - 300 pictures and between 20 - 60 for the simple package. These pictures will be included on your USB along with your selected fully edited pictures. My previous full day packages have included over 400 pictures to give as an example.

"What's the web hosting and online proofing?"

Once I'm back at base I will back-up all memory cards (I shoot with 2 cards per camera, so have one backup already before your day is over) and will then start the process of selection. Once I have this selection I will upload your pictures to my secure online proofing gallery where you can log in and view the pictures. If you opt for the extended package you can select 60 pictures which I will do a full edit on; full day package, 50;  half day package, 30 and 10 full edits for the simple package. You can pick your favourites by clicking on the heart icon within the galleries. I keep your wedding gallery on my web-site for 6 months from when the gallery goes live. After 6 months the gallery is removed from the secure section, however I will keep archive copies of your photos for at least 5 years.

"What does fully edited images mean?"

Once you have selected your favourite images (depending on the package selected) I will do a full edit on these, which may include removal of blemishes, soft light adjustments, conversion to black and white, removal of any distracting elements from the picture etc. All of the other images are edited for exposure, colour balance etc. to ensure they meet your and my expectations.

"And the photobook/album?"

If you opt for the full day or extended package I will use your favourite images to put together a photobook or album layout. There is a large range of options depending on your budget. Once you have approved your layout and chosen your photobook/album, I will order this for you. Full cost is payable at the time of order.

"How long does it take before I see my pictures?"

I aim to have uploaded your pictures to my secure online proofing gallery within 7 to 14 days of your wedding.

"What's a pre wedding shoot?"

A pre wedding shoot is wonderful fun. It gets you both in front of the camera, at a favourite place, spending some relaxed time together. It will give us time to take a stroll and get to know each other a bit more, and you'll feel much more relaxed about your wedding photos on the day.  It's a great time to celebrate your love for each other and have some images to get excited about in the build up to your big day.


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